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About FlexiDesigner
FlexiDesigner Software offers a solution to organize, simplify, and gain control over your inventory. The software is ideal for the Costumes and Jewellery provided on rental basis.The software features easy rental stock management and streamlines all processes in the costume rental cycle including but not limited to reservations, customer account and deposit management, rental and return.
FlexiDesigner is flexible and allows tailoring the software for your specific needs. The software is easy to use and hassle free.FlexiDesigner offers many features which can be turned on or off and modified depending on your business needs.


    • Administration
      • In this area user security access is maintained. Security can be controlled at module level, function level and some field levels. Also within Administration is tailoring the software for your specific needs.
    • File Maintenance
      • Area for maintaining tables. A few of the tables are, Rental Category, Color, Pattern, Material, Gender, Condition of item, Sales Stock table, Vendor, Payment Types, General Ledger, Tax Types, Production Types.
    • Booking
      • Booking of articles for future date with advance amount.
    • Delivery
      • Delivery against deposit
    • Billing
      • Generates Invoices for all types of charges, Rentals, Sales, Restocking, Cleaning, Loss, Damages, Returns. It controls your entire rental and return operation, automatically calculating charges, taxes and fines due. Build in turnaround time to allow for cleaning and other maintenance between rentals; Save pictures with item descriptions for reference, ease of selection Support for both over-the-counter rentals as well as reservations in advance; Option to print any of the Reports for the Order. Preview Reports on the Screen, Print them to Printer, Fax them via your modem, or Send them via email.


    Masters where in you can have a record of each and every aspect and stocks of your Costumes and Jewellery going in and out.

    • Customer Master
      • FlexiDesigner maintains the record of the customers with their personal details. A full rental history is retained and is available to view for each customer.
    • Serial Master
      • The software maintains the record of all the Daily Soaps / Serials by names in which what costumes would be used and when it would be used as per the Serials.
    • Product Group
      • This software allows you to create a product group where there can be multiple categories in which you can define costumes according to Male / Female and types of costumes can also be defined like Sarees, Shirts, Salwar, Tshirts, Dresses, etc.
    • Product Master
      • Here a complete record of your products i.e. the Costumes or Jewellery can be defined, maintained and segregated by various categories.
    • Artist Master
      • This contains and maintains a fully fledged list of various and different Artists from different serials which use your Costumes or Jewellery.


    • Challan Outward
    • Challan Inward
    • Shortage / Damage Entry
    • Product Cancellation
    • Booking Entry


    • Main Report
    • Challan Outward
    • Challan Inward
    • Serial wise Products
    • Serial wise Reports
    • Artist wise Reports
    • Product History
    • Serial Summary
    • Product Search Query
    • Inward / Outward Report
    • Product Outward Report
    • Fast Moving Products
    • Booking Register
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