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About FlexiMedia
FlexiMedia software is designed to manage and control the unique business operations of an Outdoor Advertising company. The system offers a full complement of features that address the specific hoarding Operations and Management, and provides a comprehensive business management solution for an Outdoor Advertising company.
The system provides your sales personnel to find quickly the available locations that meet a customer's requirements, and which in turn helps him to generate professional detailed proposals including site pictures. The system manages all aspects from sending quotation to invoice printing, mounting and dismounting the hoarding for an Outdoor Advertising company. Contracts are processed through the system, and rental invoices are generated on specified cycles. Revenue and direct costs are tracked by location.

    Features of FlexiMedia

    • Dashboard for Hoardings
    • Tracks information regarding each display location.
    • Check status of any sites
    • Tracks customer proposals and their current status.
    • Formal proposals can include PPT, image files, such as pictures.
    • Site booking as well as blocking sites for your client
    • Confirm booking of sites
    • Cancel site booking
    • Update site images with every change
    • Analyze site occupancy, revenues, etc
    • Automate acquisition process for each site
    • Create outdoor media estimate for each client
    • Enter release orders from clients
    • Generate invoices for clients
    • Allows to split the lump sum discounts between the number of hoardings booked
    • Manage site inventory
    • Automate site operations
    • Prints a Contract Expirations & Renewal Analysis Report by Sales Rep, analyzing expiring contracts and their Renewal/Continuation value
    • Prints Contract Renewal Letters, automatically performing a mail merge on expiring contracts to produce customer renewal letters.
    • All our software is offered as customizable, constantly changing packages with full support.
    • Maintains Your Own Properties up-to-date Database Along With The Competition
    • Get Advance Alerts On Idle Sites, Rents/Taxes Due, Renewals, Tender Expiry • Define Clear Processes For Site Acquisition
    • Incorporate 3rd Party Sites In Your Estimates To Clients (Release Orders)
    • A Better Client Experience
    • Monitor Your Sites Before Billing Clients • Analyze and track Your Sales Performance By Client, By Sales Executive/Sales Group
    • Generate orders for mounting / dismounting / printing based on sales order details.


    • Hoarding Master
    • Location Master
    • Area Master
    • City Master
    • Customer Category Master
    • Hoarding Category Master
    • Media Category Master
    • Display master
    • Tax Master
    • Product master


    • Quotation Entry
    • Order Entry
    • Purchase Order Entry
    • Outside Purchase Order Entry
    • Invoice Entry
    • Prime List –OWN
    • Prime List-RAILWAY
    • Hoarding Shifting entry


    • Quotation Register
    • Order Register
    • Purchase Order Register
    • Sales Register
    • Customer Register
    • Hoarding Profitability Report
    • Hoarding Vacant Register
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