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About FlexiPayroll
FlexiPayroll is a comprehensive set of HR & Payroll Solutions that takes care of all your requirements relating to management of employees' payroll. It is a Desktop based Application, which can also be used within an office network. It is easy in learning and that your organization can implement it with minimal training. Multi-State taxes, Multi-location taxes, Arrears Computation, Bonus, mass changes and more, are all handled with the touch of a mouse. As a result Flexi Payroll removes and cuts down the time and effort that is normally associated with payroll and safeguards from time and mismanagement error. It helps you automate your payroll system to match your business policies, the laws and regulations and specific needs of your organization



    • User Defined Allowances and Deductions
    • Attendance Marking in three Flexible modes
      • Manual Attendance
      • Time & Attendance (T&A Biometric Machine)
      • Monthly Attendance
    • Multiple Salary Structure
    • Shift Management
    • Leave Management
    • Precise Salary Calculation with Pay-Slip Printing
    • Pay-Slip Export to PDF format
    • Auto Email & Payslip & Reports
    • Loan EMI Management
    • Asset Management
    • Versatility in document style and report generation
    • User Privileges
    • User Friendly Screen Management
    • Regular Software Updates
    • Multiple Concurrent Users

    Major Masters

    • Employee Master
      • Employee Profile (driving license, blood group, passport and visa specifics, photograph, jpg image of thumb impression, jpg image of signature)
      • Document manger to attach scanned copy of documents submitted by employee.
      • Employee joining information Probation confirmation details
      • Employee current job profile (location, category, department, designation, shift)
      • Employee salary details, perks and benefits
      • Employee statutory details (PF No, ESIC No, PT no, PAN No)
      • Employee leaves
      • Facility to maintain employee history
    • Shift Master
    • Leave Management Master


    • Allowance Deductions Master
      • Facility to define unlimited number of allowances or deductions
      • Facility to define attributes for each allowance or deduction such as show in Payslip, include in PT, PF, ESIC, LWF deduction and include in particular TDS section such a s 17 (1), 17 (2), 17 (3), 10 or 16(ii)
      • Values for the allowances or deductions can be :
        • Manually entered by you
        • Computed using a formula
    • CTC Master

    Statutory Compliances

    • Professional Tax
    • Provident Fund
    • TDS Calculation

    Attendance Calculation

    • Time & Attendance (T&A Biometric Machine)
      • Attendance data can be transferred from any time recording machine. This very time saving method of marking attendance you can download attendance logs and process attendance of all employees for whole month just one click. Manual correction in attendance is also possible (if any). Employee time management, late coming, early going, absence due to travel on duty etc
    • Manual Attendance:
      • It is very easy, useful and time saving way of marking attendance we can mark attendance for all employees in just one click.
    • Monthly Attendance Summary
      • FlexiPayroll allows you to enter summary of attendance for all employees including OT (Over Time) Hrs.

    Miscellaneous Master

    • Location Master
      • Multiple location masters to keep record of location of employee or to use to filter employees location wise. FlexiPayroll calculates PT as per the state of the location of the employee
    • Bank Master
      • Multiple defined banks and its details to print in Pay Slip and other Payroll or Statutory Reports
    • Holidays Master
      • User defined holiday list for the year that marks holidays in attendance automatically.
    • Department Master
      • Multiple definition of departments of your organizations
    • Section Master
      • It facilitates to create different sections of your organizations
    • Assets Master
      • FlexiPayroll maintains list of assets provided to employees such as mobile, laptop, tools etc., as per your requirements

    Loan & Reimbursement

    • Loan Management
      • Manages loan applications, approvals and EMI's very efficiently. Loan Reimbursement reports.
    • Annual Perks
      • You can include annual perks in pay slip or separate document printing for annual perks.
    • Reimbursements
      • You can define unlimited reimbursement components like LTA, medical, Car Maintenance, etc. It also shows reimbursement components in regular Payslip or generates separate reimbursement slip.


    • Versatility in document style and report generation
    • Employee Details Reports
    • Month-wise shift report
    • Attendance Report
    • Month wise attendance report
    • Employee wise month wise detail attendance report
    • Date wise Attendance logs report
    • Attendance Graph
    • Employee V/s Total Present Days
    • Employee wise Date V/s In Time
    • Employee wise Date V/s Out Time
    • Attendance summary report
    • Employee wise attendance summary report
    • Late arrival report
    • Early departure report
    • Absenteeism report
    • Salary register

    • You can select single month or multiple months to view salary register

    • Professional Tax Report
    • Part 1A (PT Challan)
    • Part 1B (PT Challan)
    • Professional Tax Register
    • ESIC Reports
    • ESIC Challan
    • Form 3 (ESIC Return of Declaration Form)
    • Form 5 (ESIC Return of Contribution Form)
    • Form 5 II (ESIC Return of Contribution Form II)
    • PF Reports
    • PF Challan
    • Form 3A (Details of Employees Pension Fund Scheme-Yearly)
    • Form 5 (Employee's PF Organization for newly joined employees)
    • Form 5A (Details of employee qualifying for membership of Employee's PF for the first time)
    • Form 6A (Annual Statement of Contribution)
    • Form 9
    • Form 10 (Employee's PF Organization for resigned employees)
    • Form 12A
    • Register
    • Asset Reports
    • Asset Outward Register
    • Asset wise
    • Employee wise
    • Asset Inward Register
    • Asset wise
    • Employee wise
    • Asset Outward-Asset Inward Transactions
    • Assets Pending Reports
    • Loan Reports
    • Employee loan report
    • Loan reimbursement report
    • Employee wise loan summary report
    • Employee wise loan detail report
    • Leave Report
    • Opening, Credited, Taken, Balance leaves report
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