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About FlexiERP
FlexiERP is configurable resource planning software for all business. It streamlines all workflow processes and provides you an interactive interface through which you can monitor your entire business, at click of buttons. The below mentioned salient features of this FlexiERP software product gives you a good idea about how valuable this product can be to your business.

  • Pre-configured modules ensure quick and easy implementation
  • Multi-currency and multi-location features connect you with your customers and partners, across the globe.
  • Pre-configured with all regulatory and statutory compliances like Excise, Service Tax, VAT & TDS
  • Modules and system hierarchy can be easily scaled to meet future business requirements
  • Supports smooth migration of your legacy applications
  • Highly secure user authorization and management mechanism
  • Interactive dashboard with real time reporting features. Provision to customize reports according to needs of the end-user
  • SMS integration for sales, delivery and payment reminders
  • Powerful and informative reporting system, with facility to export reports to authorized users in any format.
Functional Modules
FlexiERP has different modules, which fulfill different requirements of your business. These easy -to –install and operate modules can be shaped to function according to your requirements so that you get maximum productivity out of your business. Following are different modules of our product

    Financial and Accounting Management

    • Cash & Bank
      • FlexiERP has cash & bank utility management which has features like Bank Reconciliation and alsoyou can manage your cash and assets, besides taking care of Ledger accounts, bank entries and other finance related activities with facility to export requisite reports to external agency.
    • PDC
      • Manage your post-dated cheque transactions more effectively.
        • Receipts: Receive amounts from your customers and other parties by PDC. Store details such as the cheque number, cheque date, bank and branch names etc. You can also record the details of applicable taxes. The necessary ledger accounts are automatically updated.

        • Payments: Pay to your customers and other parties by PDC. Store details such as the cheque number, cheque date, bank and branch names etc. You can also record the details of applicable taxes. The necessary ledger accounts are automatically updated.

        • Clear PDCs: FlexiERP enables you to clear the post-dated cheques either manually or automatically. If you are clearing the PDCs manually then you will be allowed choose one or more PDCs to clear, set the date on which the cheque is cleared and the status of clearance.

          The respective ledger accounts and the books are automatically updated upon clearing.
    • Journals Adjustments
      • FlexiERP also lets you record adjustments that you make in the course of your financial activities. Such as, debit and credit notes, journals etc.
    • Opening Entries
      • Record details of previous balances that are carried forward to the new financial year. You can record balances of all your ledger accounts such as cash, bank, assets, debtors and creditors etc.
    • Reports:
      • FlexiERP provide following accounting reports:
        • Cash Book, Bank Book, Bank Reconciliation, Cash Flow/ Fund Flow statements, Day book, Transaction Listing.
    • Cost Centre
      • Cost Centre wise Register
      • Cost Centre Account Report
      • Account – Cost Centre Report
      • Monthly Cost Centre wise Accounts
      • Monthly Account wise Cost Centre
      • Cost Centre wise Trial Balance
      • Cost Centre wise Balance Sheet
      • Cost Centre wise Profit & Loss Statement

    Sales Management

    Manage your sales flow completely and effectively, from receiving orders from your customers to invoicing them. The below mention points show in detail the complete workflow of the Sales module, its various functions and components:

    • Sales Enquiry and Send Quotation:
      • Record details of enquiries placed by your customers and quotations submitted based on enquiries. You can also cancel enquiries and quotes either fully or partly.
    • Sales Order Acceptance:
        • Manage your customer orders.
        • Record details of product orders along with delivery dates
        • Automatically calculate taxes applicable or manually enter the rates
        • Terms and Conditions
        • Delivery address
        • Advances paid by cash, cheque or PDC
        • You can record the orders with or without quotations.
    • Goods Delivery Note:
        • You can deliver stock to your customers based on the orders or without orders.
        • Deliver stock based on pending orders
        • Store delivery address
        • Deliver stock with different measurement units for product.
        • Record details of free items delivered
        • Calculate applicable taxes
    • Credit Sales:
        • Enter customer invoices with or without orders/deliveries. You may also directly enter an invoice without orders or deliveries.
        • Enter Invoices made at a particular branch/location
        • Know applicable taxes automatically. Or, manually enter taxes for products
        • Invoice against pending orders or delivered stock
        • Know previous sales history of products
        • Receive amount from your customer by cash, cheque or PDC
        • Adjust pending bills
        • FlexiERP automatically posts values to respective ledger accounts and creates a receivable.
    • Sale Returns
      • Record the details of stock returned to you by your customers in case of damage, exchange etc. You can store information of the stocks returned with or with reference of a sale invoice or a delivery note.
    • Sales Reports:
      • Sales Register, Sales Return Report, Sales Order Delivery Report, Account Receivable Report, Outstanding Party wise ageing summary report, Product wise Party Wise Sales Report, invoice wise profitability report etc.

    Purchase Management

    Manage your purchases flow efficiently with your suppliers, from placing enquires with your suppliers to managing their invoices.

    • Purchase Indent
      • You can manage purchase requests made by your branches or departments. These requisitions will then be available for subsequent transactions in the flow. Requisitions can be called either fully or partly.
    • Purchase Enquiries
      • Manage product enquiries that you place with your supplier. Place enquires either directly or based on requisitions. You may cancel enquiries either fully or partly.
    • Quotation Received
      • Manage quotations placed with your suppliers - with or without enquiries.
    • Purchase Order
      • You can enter purchase orders based on quotations received from your supplier or without based on quotations. The list of orders placed with the supplier will be automatically shown at time of receiving the stock. You can also cancel the orders placed either fully or partly.
    • Goods Inward
      • Record the stocks received from your supplier with or without orders. You can receive stock at a particular branch or location
    • Credit Purchase/ Import/ Cash Purchase
      • Enter supplier invoices with or without orders/receipts. You may also directly enter an invoice without orders or receipts.
      • Enter Invoices made at a particular branch/location
      • Know applicable taxes automatically. Or, manually enter taxes for products
      • Automatically calculate other costs and landing costs on products
      • Invoice against pending orders or received stock
      • Know previous purchase history of products
      • Pay to your supplier by cash, cheque or PDC
      • Adjust pending bills
      • FlexiERP automatically posts values to respective ledger accounts and creates payables.
    • Purchase Returns
      • Record the details of stock returned to your supplier or vendor in case of damage, exchange etc. You can return the stock with or without reference of a purchase invoice or a material receipt.
    • Reports
      • Purchase Register, Purchase Return Report, Purchase Order Delivery Report, Account Receivable Report, Outstanding Party wise ageing summary report, Product wise Party Wise Purchase Report, Invoice wise profitability report etc.

    Import Module

    • Import Order Management
      • Purchase Order Tracking
      • Purchase Orders Register
      • Pending Orders - detailed / summarized
      • One Purchase Order - full detail / pending material detail
    • Entry Management
      • Import Purchase / Import Bill Entry
      • Branch Wise Import Purchase
      • Currency Conversion
    • Bill of Entry (B/E)
      • Pick up from Import Purchase
      • Partial removal of Material with Excise Duty Calculation
      • Stock In Bond
      • Item wise Profit Calculation
      • Modes of Payment
        • Payment of Duty
        • Against License
      • Stock Statement for Bonded & Ex-Bonded Item
    • Landed Cost / Import Costing
      • Material Cost
      • Custom Duty Value
      • Excise Cost
      • Clearing and Forwarding Charges
      • CHA Commission
      • Other Related Expenses
    • Sales/ Purchase Profitability
      • Import Document wise Profit Calculation
      • Item Wise Profit Calculation


    • Consignment Purchase Entry
    • Consignment Sales Entry
    • Consignment Reports
      • Consignment Outstanding
      • Monthly Consignment Sales
      • Consignment Stock Statement
      • Consignment Commission Posting
      • Consignment Receipts
      • Consignment Statement


    • Indenting Accounting (3rd Party Accounting)
    • Maintains Supplier/Customer Records
    • 6 way Commission Calculation
      • Supplier/Customer Commission
      • Broker Buying/ Broker Selling Commission
      • Agent Buying/ Agent Selling Commission
    • 3rd Party Payments
    • Indenting O/s- Bill / Party wise
    • Maintains Form Collection
    • Indent Reports
    • Commission Reports
    • 3rd Party O/s Reports
    • Brokerage Reports
    • Indenting Commission Reports

    Export Module

    • Export Bond Master
      • Bond Sr.No.
      • Bond No.
      • Opening Balance
      • Bond Value
      • Issue Date
      • Expiry Date
    • Export Authorized Person
      • Person Name
      • Designation
      • Address
    • Data Entry
      • CT1 Form Entries
        • CT1 No.
        • Date
        • Suppliers
        • Purchase Order No. (Purchase Order Tracking)
        • Bond No.
        • CT1 Product Entry Details
          • Item Name
          • Description (user defined)
          • Duty Amount
          • ED. CESS Amount
          • HE. CESS Amount
          • ARE1 No./ Date
          • POE send /Received Date
          • POE Received Amount
    • Export Proforma Invoice (Optional)
      • Product Details Entry
    • Export Invoice
      • Pick from Export Proforma invoice
      • Linking with pre entered Local sales Invoice
      • Product Entry Link with CT1
      • Includes all the details relating to export like Consignee, Buyer, Order no., Country of origin, commission Freight, Insurance, and BL No.etc.
      • Export Invoice Product Details Includes
        • Marks
        • Container No.
        • Type of Package
        • No.of Packs
        • Item name/Description/Quantity
        • Unit
        • Rate
        • Gross Amount
        • Batch no
        • Mfg.By
        • Mfg. Date/Exp. Date
        • Packing
        • Gross/Net Weight
        • Remarks
        • Specification
    • Export Cost Sheet
      • Item cost will be picked up from the purchase linked with particular local sales invoice.
      • Provision to enter other Export Expenses like Clearing, Freight, Insurance etc.
      • Multi partner wise Cost Sheet with Sales Cost & Profit Analysis
    • Printings
      • CT1
        • Form CT Covering Proof Ptg.
        • Proof of Export Ptg.
        • Form CT Ptg.
      • Proforma Invoice
        • Proforma Invoice Ptg.
      • Export Invoice
        • Export Invoice Ptg.
        • Packing List Ptg.
        • CCVO Ptg.
        • Bank Reconciliation Certificate Ptg.
      • Costsheet
    • Reports
      • Bond Register/Pending POE & CT1 Balance

    Branch / Location Wise Accounting

    • Branch / Location wise Trial Balance
    • Branch / Location wise Outstanding
    • Branch /Location wise P&L / Balance Sheet
    • User wise / Branch wise Rights
    • Inter Branch Entry

    Excise for Dealers / Traders / Manufacturers

    • Excise Reports For Dealers / Traders
      • Excise Gate Pass
      • RG 23D Register
      • Total CENVAT received/ Issued Bill-wise/ Godown wise
      • Form 2 Rule 11 Report
      • AED Refund Statement
      • Annexure A, B, C
      • AED Claim Report
      • De-facing Slip
      • Godown Wise Stock Register
      • Age wise Stock Register
      • Material Stock Summary
      • GRN Register
      • Sales Register
      • Profitability Report for Importer
      • Duty Available Reports
      • Duty Passed on Reports
      • E-Filling of Returns for Dealers / Importers
    • Excise Reports For Manufacturers
      • RG-23D Register / Summary
      • Gate Pass Printing
      • Excise Duty Register
      • Bill of Entry Defacing
      • Manufacturing Daily Report
      • Revenue Statement
      • RG-23A Part I /Part II
      • RG-1 Daily Stock
      • E Excise Return
      • Personal Ledger Accountant (PLA)
      • Trading/ Manufacturing  Daily Report
      • Form IV
      • E-Return ER1, ER3
      • Monthly / Quarterly ER1, ER3
      • Annexure of ER6
      • Tariff Summary
      • Pending Gate Pass Statement
      • E-Return [File Mode]
      • E-Return[view Mode]

    Tax and TDS Module

    FlexiERP offer a complete Taxes module which takes care of all your taxes.

    You can manage taxes such as VAT, CST, Sales Tax, TDS with e-TDS, Excise, Cenvat, Excise Invoice, Inclusive & Exclusive Taxes, Automatic & Manual tax entries, Tax Registers etc. are all supported in FlexiERP. Reports can be generated for each tax for statutory returns and VAT returns for all states.

    Most of the taxes for different states in India come pre-configured and ready to be used. You can however, with just few clicks, easily reconfigure taxes of any kind and start using them. From the Settings Manager, you may select the tax that applies to your company or branch.

      • Sales Tax / Purchase Tax Summary Monthly, Quarterly
      • Sales & Purchase Tax Registers
      • Sales Tax Forms Receivables / Issuable entry
      • Forms Received / Issued Register
      • Sales Tax Forms Reminder Letters
      • Vat Audit report
      • MVAT Audit report
      • Annexure 704-J1, J2, J3, J4, J5, J6, G, H, I
      • Form 501 – A, C, D
      • E VAT Return
      • E ‘C’ Form Application
      • Regular Return Annexure J1, J2 (Monthly)
      • Input Service Tax Register
      • Output Service Tax Register
      • Service Tax Summary
      • TDS Calculation
      • TDS Challans
      • TDS Certificate (Form 16-A)
      • TDS Return (Form 26-Q)
      • Annexure to Form 26-Q
      • e-TDS with TDS 27-A
      • TDS Deduction Details Report
      • Interest paid & TDS Deducted Statement
    • LBT
      • Purchase Register Book (Form D)
      • Sales Register Book
      • Sales against Purchase Report

    Inventory Management

    The most complete inventory management in its class. It allows any number of products with detailed master information, product codes and attributes.

    • Assign pictures
      • You may assign pictures of products and use them while entering transactions and taking reports.
    • Barcodes

        Assign barcodes to your products and scan them while entering transactions.

      • Interpreting Barcodes:The barcode interpreter in FlexiERP helps you in configuring how products are scanned in transactions.
      • Designing Barcodes: Using FlexiERP Label Designer (Link to label designer), you can design barcodes with various parameters such as product code, MRP, Unit Price etc. and print them using a barcode printer or even a laser printer. Tag the printed barcodes to your products.
    • Multiple Units
      • Maintain products with respect to their base and alternate measurement units. For instance, you may want to sell a product with a different measurement unit such as Nos, Pcs, etc. being its base unit as Packs. You can also define conversion factors between the base and alternate units.
    • Multiple Price Lists
      • FlexiERP allow you to maintain various price lists apart from the standard sales and purchase prices which come by default in the software. You can create as many as price lists you want. The price lists can be assigned to products. Prices, in transactions, will be automatically picked based on the price list you select.
    • Locations
      • Maintain inventory across multiple locations. You can enter transactions based on a particular branch or a location. In transactions, the stock position is displayed based on the branch and location you select. Reports let you to see the stock balances based on one or more branches or locations.
    • Locations
      • Maintain inventory across multiple locations. You can enter transactions based on a particular branch or a location. In transactions, the stock position is displayed based on the branch and location you select. Reports let you to see the stock balances based on one or more branches or locations.
    • Inter-Branch Transfers
      • Transfer stock to your other branches based on the requests. You may transfer the stock fully or partly. Or, even cancel the requests.
    • Valuations
      • Assess your stock with strong analytical reports. Reports such as Stock Valuation, Stock Balances etc. give you in-depth information of your stock in hand. Know the current position and value of your inventory with Stock Valuation report.

        Reports can be filtered by branch, location and bin.
    • Inter Branch Accounting
      • FlexiERP facilitates you to manage inter-branch transactions. You can effectively manage cash, bank or stocks transferred to your other branches. These transfers can be done fully or partly based on the requests made.Branches (divisions should be a separate section)
      • Branch Accounting in FlexiERP enables you to manage financial and inventory transactions with respect to different branches and divisions.

    Document Designer

    The Format Designer is another flexible mode for designing unlimited all the statutory and accounting documents which are required for the business- just the way you want. The Format Designer helps you to design templates of any kind - simple or complex, for any transaction and save them for printing.

    • Print contents from transactions
      • Select what to print from transactions. You can add a dynamic field in the template that prints transaction content, such as the Party name, address details, product details, totals, etc.
        Choose from pre-defined functions such as the page numbers, transaction time, etc. to be printed
    • Apply Formulae
      • Add your own formulae to print. You can specify formulae on the content with the help of operators such as +, -, * /, etc.
    • Hide content
      • You may choose to hide fields while printing. You may unhide them whenever required by reopening and modifying the template.
    • Export Formats
      • FlexiERP user-defined formats which are saved, can also be exported. You can, for example, export user-defined formats and import them at your other branches or locations, without having to redesign the whole stuff.
      • Format Designer is an invaluable tool to help you use the software in a real-life environment without undertaking anycustomization.

    Report Designer

    FlexiERP offers you a large set of flexi and ready to use reports. Reports that tell you more about your business than you knew.FlexiERP reports give you valuable insight into your company's finances so you can make better business decisions, from basic financial reports to reports for specialized business activities.

    Reports come with great depth, flexibility, are fast and printable.

    You can now do more with your reports. The new views may be based on several operations you may do on the reports including sorting, grouping, filtering, formulae etc. You may also save the changed report views to the menu for future use.It enables you to generate many new views of all reports and modify them exactly as you desire.

    • Manage Columns

        You can manage columns in reports as desired.

      • Hide and unhide columns
      • Drag and drop column width changes
      • Re-arrange column sequence
      • Change column titles
      • Word-wrapping
    • Sort
      • You can sort any report on any criteria, applying ascending or descending sort orders to report columns and rearrange report data.

      • You may also apply sort preference along with sequence of sorting on multiple columns.
    • Filters
      • Filter reports based on any criteria. Get any item of information in your system easily. Use operators such as >, <, =, etc. and obtain filtered data of your choice.
    • Tree and T-Forms (Horizontal) Reports
      • You can take reports in tree view, i.e., in the order in which your masters are grouped. Financial Statements are available in T-Form, i.e., horizontal format at the same time.
    • Transaction Fields
      • If you wish to add any field from a transaction to a report, you may do so. By adding transaction fields to reports, you can enrich the reports unimaginably.
    • Excel, Text, PDF, E-Mailing
      • FlexiERP is integrated with MS Office. You can export reports to MS Excel or as Text files, which you can email. You can also export reports and documents as PDF files for emailing.

    Additional Inbuilt Features

    • SMS Module
      • "SMS Module" which is Inbuilt in FlexiERP has a unique feature that helps you Stay-in-Touch with your customers, distributors, dealers, resellers, agents, other business associates and even your employees in a very cost effective manner using the powerful medium of SMS communication.
    • E-Mail Communication
      • "E-Mail Communication" is one of the features that client can use through FlexiERP for Mailing Document and other details also can be used for E-mail Marketing.
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