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Partners Programs
Softmark's Partner Programs are an essential component to our company's continued growth and market penetration. We are committed to work with partners to deliver superior business solutions to end use customers.

If you're a provider of hardware or software program, reseller and distributor or system integrator, or OEM vendors for organizations of all sizes, then Softmark is an ideal Partner to associate with! Softmark offers a unique and valuable opportunity to you to make your clients happy and maximize your profits with wide range of Flexi products.

The Softmark Partner Program is the foundation of the relationship between you and Softmark and you can ensure your customers the availability, integrity and recoverability of all their data and applications.

You should partner with Softmark because:
  • Unique professional approach.
  • The powerful features of our products make them highly valuable.
  • Total solutions under one roof.
  • You can offer implementation services to your clients, as an optional service and increase profits. Alternatively, your client can also implement our products on their own.
  • You can offer our products to all your clients – small, medium and large businesses, in whichever business they may be.
  • Becoming a Softmark partner is easy and effortless.

Refer, Sell, Implement or Support
You may choose any of the options:

  • Dealers Program- To take care of sales, implementation and support.
  • Reseller- Sell our any products to your clients.
  • Referral- Refer to us and we'll sell, implement and support the software.
  • Service Partner- Offer implementation and support to your clients,
    optionally, to enlarge your revenues.
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