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Methodologies [ How SoftMark Works ]
SoftMark Solutions has proven expertise in executing application development projects using Flexi Software Development Methodology. Our methodology provides a consistent way of executing and delivering projects. Our methodology coupled with our model, allows clients the flexibility to have the solutions developed and delivered with the highest levels of quality and cost efficiency through our Flexi Software development, onsite development or by combination of these components.

Methodology Stages
  • Initiation Phase (Scoping & Requirement Analysis, Feasibility, Proposal)
  • Design Phase
  • Development Phase and Synchronized Testing
  • Offsite and Onsite Testing
  • Deployment or implementation
  • Onsite Client Training
  • Maintenance and Support

Our approach to software development is tailored to the needs of client and it is centred on your business objectives. Understanding how much requirements can evolve during the development of a product, we make full effective use of our experience and intelligent team in iterative development, prototyping techniques to aid in development process for improvements and fine-tuning. Our team of highly motivated professionals are ready to commit to your efforts during development, deployment to maintenance and next up gradations.

Our Software Development Methodology not only provides structure, but it also provides guidelines for tailoring alternatives for standard approach, to suit different client requirements and processes. The core strength of our methodology is that after tailoring and blending with client's processes, it is zero learning for the client as processes remain same for them.

We provide Timely Quality Services with flexibility, which makes us unique and our presence in industry as a trend maker for various industries.

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